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2024 Library Membership

5.0 (4 reviews)


1 Year CBI Library Membership (Upon order completion you can pick up the library card at the CBI Library)


Purchase this to become a CBI Library Patron with library and borrowing privileges for 2024. Expires December 31, 2024.

4 reviews for 2024 Library Membership

  1. Savannah Ferrera-Grand

    I’ve never even had the option to so many true bible teaching books and also not had to worry about filtering out authors that may or may not be truly biblical. I’m so excited to take advantage of this space, place and share the word! Literally haha

  2. Vic Hausmaninger

    Great idea and service to Christian community. Is there a website with library content description?

  3. Michael Edward Bowen

    I was very impressed with what I saw in CBI library yesterday my son Jonathan and I were in there last night and I will be back in there checking out books and I will be taking classess

  4. Tiffany

    I had my first experience here yesterday with one of mentors. She invited me as a guest, taught me a lot about Salvation, and we read scripture together at one of the (more) private tables. For this: The lighting was perfect, the distance between each other was perfect, the table was clean and spacious, the long bench seat was comfortable for learning, as well as, a suitable space for my book bag. From my perspective, the space offers peace, beauty, simplicity, safety, cleanliness, friendly staff, several available books, and is likely best conducive for one-on-one mentorship opportunities (e.g. Partners) and doing individual work (e.g. reading / studying in silence/near silence). I will be purchasing a 1 yr membership because it was so pleasant, quiet, and conducive to learning / growing in His word and small group fellowship. Thank you, CBI/CBC, and well done!

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