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Compass Bible Church Congregation Goes Inside Compass Bible Institute for First Time

On June 29 and 30, 2019, Compass Bible Church Senior Pastor Mike Fabarez surprised the congregation by ending all three weekend services early. The reason? To take everyone inside the…

First Look at CBI Classroom Construction

First Look at CBI Classroom Construction Watch as Pastor Mike Fabarez Pastor Mike Fabarez is inside the 145 Columbia building to show us the future location of one of the…

Compass 20/20 Update: Development of Compass Bible Institute Library

Pastor Mike Fabarez shows us the early stages of the future Compass Bible Institute library; first in his office where the stacks of books are growing and then inside the…

Compass 20/20 Update: First-Floor Demolition at Future Home of Compass Bible Institute

Pastor Mike Fabarez shares the latest exciting update on the “coordinated chaos” of tearing out and renovating the first floor of the building at 145 Columbia, which is the soon-to-be…

First Permit Received for Future Home of Compass Bible Institute

Pastor Mike Fabarez shares exciting news that we've officially received the first permit for our building at 145 Columbia! This permit will allow demolition to begin in what will be…

Compass Bible Institute Unveils Logo

Introducing the official logo of Compass Bible Institute! As Pastor Mike Fabarez explains, the logo captures the primary purpose of CBI: to equip the saints for the work of ministry.…

145 Columbia Now Owned by Compass Bible Church

Thursday, December 20, 2018: The day that 145 Columbia in Aliso Viejo, California became Compass Bible Church property. We are so excited to use this building for the glory of…

Compass 2020 – Goal #3: Training People to Serve Christ

God has given us the unique opportunity to invest in the spiritual profit of many far-reaching groups of people with the launch of Compass Bible Institute.

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