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Compass Bible Institute

Gap Year Program

Apply for the CBI Gap Year Program

The 30-credit Gap Year Certificate program is designed to prepare high school graduates ages 17-24 to live like Christians in an increasingly hostile world, by training them to think biblically, theologically, and practically in an immersive, ministry-focused environment at a highly formative life stage.

In addition to courses that will give students a solid Christian foundation, the CBI Gap Year offers once-in-a-lifetime study trips to the East Coast (to study the American GreatAwakening) and Israel (to study the Bible in the land of the Bible).

Who Should Participate?

  • Students planning to go straight into the workforce who want a year of formative Christian college experience.
  • Students planning to go to a four-year Christian college who want to transfer Gap Year credits to the school they plan to graduate from.
  • Students who are unsure of their next steps, but know that their faith is important.
  • Home school students entering senior year.

Application Deadline Dec. 31, 2024

  • Admissions Decisions by February 1, 2025
  • Commitment to CBI by April 15, 2025


  • Study with a cohort in a church-based context
  • Grow through educational experiences with like-minded peers
  • Be mentored by CBI faculty and pastors
  • Attend weekly chapel and fellowship gatherings
  • Get involved in The Bridge College Ministry
  • Serve within the local church


  • TH-101 Christian Worldview
  • BS-101 Old Testament Survey
  • PCM-101 Personal Spiritual Disciplines
  • TH-301 Theology 1
  • TH-315 The Great Awakening (includes 1-week trip to East Coast)
  • BS-102 New Testament Survey
  • BS-201 Biblical Interpretation
  • TH-302 Theology 2
  • TH-303 Apologetics
  • BS-370 Land of the Bible (includes 3-week trip to Israel)

Program Cost: $15,000


  • Tuition
  • Great Awakening Trip
  • Israel Trip


Do I have to be a Christian to get accepted into the program?

Applicants will be asked to articulate their testimony in the application for admission. Students who are unsure of their testimony, or whose testimony is incomplete, should describe their faith journey to the best of their ability.

What if I am 17 years old?

Students who are 17 years old at the beginning of the Gap Year can be admitted, but they must turn 18 before the Israel Trip (May).

Can I take the courses but not go on the trips (or vice versa)?

No. The courses and the trips are both essential components of the Gap Year educational experience so students cannot do one without the other.

Can I take courses online?

No. Students must live locally and attend classes in-person.

When will classes take place?

Classes will take place Tuesday through Friday during business hours.

Can I work and maintain a job during the gap year?

It is possible to work while attending the Gap Year Program, but students must be able to attend classes and both trips. Students should also be aware that the workload of the program is full-time and college-level.

Do I have to attend Compass Bible Church to participate in the Gap Year?

No, students are not required to attend Compass. We highly encourage students to participate in the Bridge college ministry at Compass or their local church’s student ministry for additional community and ministry opportunities.

What if I have already taken some of the courses in the program?

Students who have already takes one or more of the required courses should contact Student Services to identify possible substitutions.

If I complete the Gap Year Program, will the courses count toward the bachelor’s degree if I decide to continue my education at CBI?

Yes. Students who complete the Gap Year Program will have completed roughly half of the required Bible classes for their B.BS.

Where will the courses transfer?

All transfer agreements are listed here. Students who wish to transfer courses to schools with which we do not have agreements can contact those schools directly to inquire.

Do the trip costs include airfare and meals?

Yes, but please note that current prices are estimates. Actual prices will not be available until flights and hotels are able to be booked.

Are there scholarships?

Compass Bible Institute’s tuition is intentionally affordable by conviction and design. However, admitted students that may need additional aid may apply here.

How much is housing?

Contact Student Services if you are interested in student housing.