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FALL 2023

Biblical Interpretation | Mondays 6:30-8:30pm

3 Units | Taught by Dr. John Goodrich

An introduction to the principles and methods of biblical interpretation, focusing on the history of interpretation, the literal-historical-grammatical approach, and the primary tools for biblical study. Hermeneutical strategies will be used to interpret various literary genres, examine historical and literary contexts, analyze structural relationships, perform word studies, and develop principles for practical application.

Biblical Greek 1 | Tuesdays 4-6pm

3 Units | Taught by Dr. Mark Kelley

An introduction to Koine Greek for the purpose of learning to read the Greek New Testament. This course will focus on pronunciation and acquisition of vocabulary, study of Greek grammar, and translation from Greek to English.

Theology 1 | Tuesdays 6-8pm

3 Units | Taught by Pastor Mike Elliott

A survey of the essential categories of systematic theology, including bibliology (the Bible), theology proper (the existence, attributes, and triunity of God), anthropology (humanity), angelology (angels and demons), and harmartiology (sin). Introduces the various branches of theology, including biblical theology, historical theology, philosophical theology, and practical theology, and how they relate to systematic theology. Emphasis is given to how the theological topics covered impact personal discipleship and church ministry.

Small Groups & Discipleship | Saturdays 4:45-6:45pm

3 Units | Taught by Dr. Mark Kelley

A study of the art and science of leading effective small groups. Prepares students to improve their ability to facilitate sermon-based discussion, draw out application, ask good questions, and navigate common pitfalls.

Biblical Care and Counseling 2 | Saturdays 3-5pm

3 Units | Taught by Dr. Lucas Pace

Certification Pt. 1. PCM301 Biblical Care and Counseling is a prerequisite to this course.

Biblical Counseling | Thursdays 3-5pm (Residency Only)

3 Units | Taught by Dr. Lucas Pace

Counseling Practicum | Various Times (Residency Program)

3 Units | Taught by Dr. Lucas Pace