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FALL 2021 (August 23 – December 19)

BS102 | New Testament Survey | Thursdays 6:30-8:30pm

3 Units | Taught by Dr. John Goodrich

An overview of Matthew through Revelation, focusing on the literary contents, historical contexts, and theological contributions of the New Testament books. Highlights the major historical people, places, and events of the New Testament while mapping them onto the overarching redemptive storyline.

BS331 | Biblical Greek 1 | Saturday 4:45-6:45pm

3 Units | Taught by Pastor Mark Kelley

TH303 | Apologetics | Sundays 8:45-10:45am

3 Units | Taught by Dr. PJ Berner

A study of the principles and practices of defending the Christian faith, covering worldview, origins, science and faith, truth, God, miracles, the resurrection, the problem of evil, and more. Introduces students to different approaches to apologetics, including their respective aims and limits, and equips students with the requisite knowledge to dialogue about important contemporary issues with confidence.

PCM102 | Personal Spiritual Disciplines | September 3 | October 8-10 | October 29

3 Units | Taught by Pastor Rod and Don Whitney

A study of the history, theology, and practice of the spiritual disciplines, including Bible study, scriptural meditation, prayer, fasting, giving, worship, fellowship, and service. Prepares students to approach spiritual growth and sanctification with thoughtfulness and intention, while providing strategies for assisting others to pursue the same.

PCM202 | Personal Evangelism | Saturdays 8:30-10:30am

3 Units | Taught by Pastor Bobby Blakey

PCM302 | Teaching the Bible | Thursdays 6:30-8:30pm

3 Units | Taught by Dr. Mike Fabarez

An introduction to Bible teaching, including principles on lesson preparation, exposition, verbal communication, illustration, and application. Provides insights relevant for biblical preaching and small-group leading.

PCM401 | Counseling Certification Part 1 | Saturdays 4:45-6:45pm

3 Units | Taught by Dr. Lucas Pace

Certification Pt. 1. PCM301 Biblical Care and Counseling is a prerequisite to this course.

PCM503 | Biblical Counseling (Residency Only) | Thursdays 4-6pm

3 Units | Taught by Dr. Lucas Pace

PCM504 | Counseling Practicum (Residency Only) | Dates & Times as assigned

3 Units



Full schedule coming soon!

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