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Compass Bible Institute


Your coursework will transfer to the following colleges below.


Articulation agreements detail the course equivalencies that have been approved for transfer credit by partnering colleges, universities, and seminaries. These agreements assure students that the stated coursework completed at Compass Bible Institute will transfer to and satisfy requirements at the transfer institution.

CBI has articulation agreements with the following institutions:

Compass Bible Institute Class BIOLA Equivalent  Credit Hours
BS 101 Old Testament Survey* BBST 209 Old Testament Survey 3
BS 102 New Testament Survey* BBST 210 New Testament Survey 3
BS 201 Biblical Interpretation* BBST 103 Biblical Interpretation and Spiritual Formation 3

*CBI has a credit-for-prior-learning agreement with Biola University, not an articulation agreement. Biola will evaluate students’ work done at CBI to determine if it is eligible to receive credit as if done at an accredited institution.

Compass Bible Institute Class Boyce Equivalent Credit Hours
BS101 OT Survey BL101 Old Testament Survey I or BL102 Old Testament Survey II 3
BS102 NT Survey BL152 New Testament Survey II 3
BS301 Bible Introduction BL352 The History of the Bible 3
BS201 Biblical Interpretation BL111 Hermeneutics 3
BS356 Romans BL356 Romans 3
PCM101 Personal Spiritual Disciplines CN125 Spiritual Life Dynamics 3
PCM102 Evangelism, Church Planting, and Missions MS211 Introduction to Church Planting 3
PCM301 Biblical Care and Counseling 1 CN101 Introduction to Biblical Counseling 3
PCM302 Teaching the Bible PR205 Preaching I 3
TH301 Theology 1 TH211 Christian Theology I 3
TH302 Theology 2 TH212 Christian Theology II or TH311 Christian Theology III 3
TH201 Church History HS201 Church History I or HS202 Church History II 3
TH202 Cults and World Religions TH331 World Religions 3
TH303 Apologetics PH103 Introduction to Philosophy 3
TH101 Christian Worldview PH108 Worldview Analysis 3
Compass Bible Institute Class Cedarville Equivalent  Credit Hours
BS101 Old Testament Survey BTGE 2730 Old Testament Literature 3
BS102 New Testament Survey  BTGE 2740 New Testament Literature 3
BS201 Biblical Interpretation  BTGE 3755 Theology 1 3
Compass Bible Institute Class Moody Equivalent  Credit Hours
BS101 Old Testament Survey BI1111 Old Testament Survey 3
BS102 New Testament Survey BI1112 New Testament Survey 3
BS201 Biblical Interpretation BI2280 Hermeneutics/Bible Study Methods 3
BS301 Bible Introduction BI2230 Bible Introduction 3
TH201 Church History GSU2226 History of World Christianity I 3
TH301 Theology 1 TH1110 The Church and Its Doctrines 3
TH302 Theology 2 TH1110 The Church and Its Doctrines or a Theology elective 3
PCM102 Evangelism, Church Planting, and Missions MS3300 Making and Leading Disciples 3
PCM101 Personal Spiritual Disciplines MS1100 Spiritual Life in Community 3
PCM302 Teaching the Bible ED2200 Teaching the Bible Practicum/Advanced Communication Elective 3

Many of Compass Bible Institute’s courses are transferable to The Master’s University. Prospective TMU students are encouraged to contact the TMU Admissions Office for more information about how to maximize transfer possibilities.


Southern California Seminary agrees to admit students of Compass Bible Institute who, at the time of their application to Southern California Seminary meet its admissions requirements.  Southern California Seminary recognizes the Bachelors of Biblical Studies degree from Compass Bible Institute as satisfying the baccalaureate degree prerequisite for admission to its Master of Arts in Christian Ministry, Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies, Master of Arts in Christian Counseling, Master of Arts in Philosophy and Apologetics, Master of Arts in Biblical Studies, and Master of Divinity programs.

Southern California Seminary agrees that credits (as defined by its curriculum) earned at Compass Bible Institute in the Bible Core Certificate, Associates of Biblical Studies, or Residency Certificate, with grades of C or better, are transferable and will be applied, as appropriate, in pursuant of undergraduate and graduate degrees at Southern California Seminary.  Applicability of credits may vary among academic programs, and are subject to the discretion of the Southern California Seminary Registrar at the time of a student’s transfer.

Compass Bible Institute Class SBTS Equivalent Credit Hours
BS101 OT Survey* 20200 OT I or 20220 OT II 3
BS102 NT Survey* 22200 NT I 3
BS201 Biblical Interpretation* 22100 Biblical Hermeneutics 3
BS301 Bible Introduction* Bible/General Elective 3
BS356 Romans 23320 Romans 3
PCM101 Personal Spiritual Disciplines* 40150 Personal Spiritual Disciplines 3
TH301 Theology 1* 27060 Systematic Theology I 3
TH302 Theology 2* 27070 or 27080 Systematic Theology II or Systematic Theology III 3
TH201 Church History* 25100 Church History I or 25120 Church History II 3
TH311 Trinitarianism 27370 The Doctrine of the Trinity 3
TH303 Apologetics* 28700 Christian Apologetics 3
PCM711 Expository Preaching 30000 Christian Preaching 3
PCM712 Preaching Practicum 30020 Preaching Practicum 3
PCM713 Biblical Counseling 34300 Biblical Counseling 3
PCM715 Pastoral Ministry 1 40301 Pastoral Ministry 3
PCM716 Discipleship Practicum and 44791 Integrative Seminar Leadership PCM507 Pastoral Ministry 2 6
PCM714 Counseling Practicum 44916 Integrative Seminar Outreach PCM508 Evangelism Practicum 6

* CBI Undergraduate courses may be taught with additional work for graduate level credit.


All Compass Bible Institute coursework is eligible for advanced standing towards graduate degrees at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary through the seminary’s Contextualized Leadership Development (CLD) program.


All Compass Bible Institute coursework is eligible for advanced standing towards the undergraduate degrees at Spurgeon College through the college’s Contextualized Leadership Development (CLD) program.