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To Compass Bible Institute

Your generous gift will go directly towards training the next generation of pastors, missionaries, and Christian leaders for gospel ministry.

Fewer and fewer options exist for those who want a thorough preparation for ministry at a school of higher education which has not compromised its view of God’s inspired word. Compass Bible Institute (CBI) is launching as a Christian educational organization that will remain faithful until the Lord’s return to the view of the inerrancy of Scripture that Christ himself possessed. While there are like-minded Bible colleges and seminaries which offer distance education, nothing replaces the in-person classroom interaction between students and professors. At Compass Bible Institute we have the opportunity to immerse students in an in-person classroom setting that is also inextricably connected to the active ministry of Compass Bible Church Aliso Viejo. This is a rare and, in many ways, ideal solution for theological education.

As we get closer to the end of 2021, please keep in mind that all deductible 2021 contributions to Compass Bible Institute need to be received or postmarked on or before Friday December 31, 2021. Please contact Rick Talcott with any questions you may have with regard to gifts that may include appreciated stocks, real estate, cryptocurrency, business interests or other valuable assets. Thank you for being generous to Compass Bible Institute.

Give to CBI General Fund

Become a Founder with an Annual Gift Commitment

Those who wish to take their support to the next level can do so by joining the exclusive group of CBI Founders:

  • $2,500 annual gift for 10 years
  • $5,000 annual gift for 5 years
  • $25,000 one-time gift

When You Become a Founder

Your name will be displayed in the CBI Library—memorializing Founders who helped to financially support our new school during its infancy.

You will receive access to exclusive Founders events such as an annual dinner with the CBI President—where you will hear long-term plans and goals.

The Impact of CBI

  • We train Christians for effective ministry in the church.
  • We equip students to apply doctrinal truth in real-life ministry contexts of leadership and church planting.
  • We are resolved to remain faithful to the truth of God’s word, regardless of the cultural pressures and the headwinds of theological compromise.
  • Your charitable donations to CBI enable us to further God’s work of investing in the next generation of committed Christian leaders.

Where Your Money Goes When You Give

Immediate Needs:

  • Offset student education costs
  • Mortgage
  • Learning Management Software
  • Personnel, including faculty, guest professors and library receptionist
  • Acoustic paneling for classrooms

Mid-Term Needs:

  • Hire an additional employee to handle advancement
  • Installation of movable classroom wall for classrooms 2a / 2b

Long-Term Needs:

  • Student housing
  • Additional faculty & staff

Become a Founder Now

If you’d like to become a Founder and give by check, please mail your check to:
Compass Bible Institute
145 Columbia
Aliso Viejo, CA  92656